Author & Illustrator

Author & Illustrator


Megan Butcher, Author

I have wanted to become an author since I was in the third-grade! I distinctly remember my third-grade teacher creating mailboxes where we could write letters back and forth to our friends, and to this day, those little mailboxes are one of my most cherished childhood memories. Combining that with my deep love of reading and writing, a book has always been a dream I have wanted to accomplish.

When my husband first told me he was going to be getting a dog to train to be an Avalanche Search Dog, I had no idea the ride we were in for! Walter was a gift to all of those who were lucky enough to meet him.

He was sweet but wild and always made us laugh. Having this special opportunity to share him and his personality with families is such an honor for me. He passed away unexpectedly in 2020, and we miss him every day, but sharing this book with you is the best way to keep his memory alive.
We are thrilled to share this first book in the Ski Patrol Pups series with you.


Megan Jost, Illustrator

I started watercoloring for fun after I took a class  at Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo while getting my degree in architecture. After graduating, I accepted a job in Truckee, CA. There I met my now-husband and, before we knew it, we had started a family. With the birth of my first son, Calvin, I really started painting again while I was] at home with him.

As our family grew, so did my inspiration. I began with animals and my focus soon shifted toward parent/baby themes. The collection grew and I decided it was time to test the waters. We entered a few events to sell my artwork and had great responses in comments and sales. We just finished out the summer doing a full schedule of Truckee Thursdays. What stood out to me at these events was the children's reactions to my artwork. I loved seeing their little faces light up when they saw their favorite animal!

This led me to create an ABC Book about Truckee and Lake Tahoe combining my two favorite things: my family and the wonderful place we live. Megan and I met last year, and when she shared her ideas about the Ski Patrol Pups I was excited to create a story featuring these very special dogs.